Mathematical understanding is at the heart of our maths teaching and learning.  Only by understanding what they are doing and why they are doing it, can children really enjoy their mathematical thinking and problem-solving.  As such, lessons involve a combination of whole-class teaching, fast-paced, practical sessions and independent learning activities which are differentiated to suit each child's individual needs.

In Key Stage One, maths lessons take place at least four times a week.  Children work at their own level within the class and the learning objectives broadly follow the National Primary Curriculum for Mathematics.   It is not unusual for the majority of the class to be working ahead of their chronological age in terms of maths learning and understanding.

Learning covers:

  • understanding the relative size of a number and its place in our number system
  • understanding the four basic operations and their relationship to one another
  • applying mathematical knowledge to make sense of real-life problems, including worded problems and puzzles
  • rote learning of key number facts, including times tables and number bonds
  • using units of measure including time, money, capacity, length and mass
  • properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes
  • data handling
  • predicting and estimating answers then checking their thinking
  • development of non-verbal reasoning skills

Children's mathematical learning is supported by the use of practical sessions involving stimulating activities that consolidate learning.

Children receive regular maths homework which can include written work, practical activities and rote learning of times tables and key number facts.

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