English is taught daily.  The curriculum covers the following key components:

Reading is recognised as a critical enabler across the curriculum.  Children read individually with an adult at least four times a week and are offered a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction texts. Initially there is a focus on ensuring basic reading skills, such as decoding and understanding, are secure. As fluency improves, emphasis shifts to use of expression, predicting skills and inference.  Children have nightly reading homework and are encouraged to read from a range of texts, including newspapers, poetry and plays. 

Comprehension is an integral part of the reading process and more formal oral and written comprehension activities are planned weekly in Years 1 and 2.  

Writing covers fiction and non-fiction, including story writing, news, instructional texts, letters, etc. The children's creativity is nurtured alongside guidelines for structuring their ideas so that they communicate in a clear and engaging way.  Timed story writing is taught, in preparation for 7+ future school assessments.

Grammar and punctuation is taught and consolidated across all work.  The children are taught punctuation and sentence structure as well as story writing, comprehension, letter writing, news reporting, factual writing and poetry.

Spelling lists are sent home in preparation for weekly tests.  The key focus is on high frequency words and spelling patterns.

Handwriting skills are consolidated across all subjects. Posture, pencil grip and fine motor skills are key elements of handwriting. 

Speaking and listening is an essential life skill and these skills are promoted in all aspects of the curriculum. 

Verbal reasoning skills are developed in line with the expectations set for the 7+ assessment process.

Where possible, I.C.T. is used to support literacy learning.  This includes using the class iPads to read, write and research topics within English and other lessons.

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