The School seeks to provide a broad and balanced curriculum in which all children can develop a love of learning and reach a high academic standard according to their ability.  Our priority is the well-being and happiness of each child.  Each child’s sense of security, belonging and being valued is paramount to their success. Our aim is to inspire each child to achieve their full potential and to prepare them to meet the demanding challenges that they will experience at the next stage of their education with confidence and high self-esteem. This is achieved within a stimulating, creative, happy, caring and respectful environment where children are encouraged and motivated to try new challenges. 

The School's Aims:

  • To enable each child to progress in all areas of their learning by providing challenging and inspiring teaching;
  • To nurture the well-being of each child and promote a love of learning, and a desire to achieve to the best of their potential;
  • To enable the children to become independent, confident, enthusiastic learners in a safe, supportive and enriching environment;
  • To acquire life skills and a social awareness of others which will enable each child to give the best of themselves;
  • To offer a broad and stimulating curriculum including a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Qualities of character within each child are important in their development and we look and aim to develop: kindness, honesty, resilience, creativity and passion above all.       

These ‘qualities’ guide the children’s progress in work, play and their relationships with others. They provide motivation and take them forward to embrace new opportunities for learning. We encourage the children to develop their natural abilities in all areas of school life and take a pride in their achievements.

The Rowans School, 19 Drax Avenue, Wimbledon, London SW20 0EG
020 8946 8220 |
Reg. Charity No. 277324


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